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Digital Frames for anywhere, everyday use.

Less is more. DFrame, the environmental friendly simple solution for digital signage.

Sometimes are just the space constrictions. Sometimes are the budget constrictions. But sometimes you just want to be simple or try something new. DFrame is the solution. Communicate your key message to your audience in a simple, modern, dynamic, digital way.

With various sizes, frames finishes, bases, and no internet connection needed, DFrame is suitable to any environment, being that a window display, store counter, wall. And is not only more environmentally friendly but far more compelling and eye-catching than paper and cardboard signs

Digital frames are the most affordable digital signage technology. It also allows you and your brand advertisers to increase revenue by featuring their advertisement directly at the point of sale while maintaining your corporate image and eliminating collateral material. All content is stored on a digital card directly on the frame. All you need is a power outlet nearby to run your digital signage campaign.

Digital Signage Services can help you create a fully integrated digital signage solution that is scalable, customizable, and optimized for your company very specific needs. A turnkey solution.

Why Digital Frames?

It’s Attention Grabbing: Getting the attention of your audience is the most important part of any sign. With digital signage, your customers will notice your sign and receive the message and act on it.

It’s Cost Effective: Eliminating the need to print and distribute static signs each time your message or campaign changes. This saves on printing and distribution fees.

It’s Dynamic: Digital signage offers a versatile solution for you to communicate your message to your audience.

It’s Eco-friendly digital advertising!


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