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We take pride in helping healthcare organizations maximize the space in their facilities with the use of innovative digital technology

Elegantly locating these solutions in common areas inside buildings, parking garages, outside entrances, to help facilitate and enhance the patient, visitor and employee journey.

We make sure our every project is a success from the first day to the last. by working together with top hardware and software manufacturers we monitor and maintain all of our solutions for the long run, measuring effectiveness and making proper suggestions to keep digital deployments up to date and enjoyable. We make it easy for our clients to confidently deploy digital signage with peace of mind, knowing that not a single dollar or second will be wasted.

Solutions consist of:

3D Wayfinding w/ Mobile Integration

Nursing Station Information

Employee/ Physician Walls

Donor Wall Recognition

Digital Healing Garden

Emergency Messaging

Digital Directories

Cafe Menuboards

Welcome Walls

Video Walls

A great example of our experience in the healthcare industry can be seen in our case study with Baptist Health South Florida.