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Lenox 2

Digital Signage enhances the store’s environment by exhibiting dynamic graphic designs and videos catching the eyes of the consumer, influencing them to buy!

Promoting products and services that cater to their consumer’s demographics at any specific time or place throughout the store helps organize promotional signage saving time and money.

  • Over 70% of the purchase decisions made in stores are made AFTER the shopper enters the store!
  • 60% of items purchased were not planned prior to entering the store
  • 99% of stores shoppers make at least one purchase based on Point of Purchase (P-O-P) decisions.
  • 67% of consumers who buy an item being promoted by P-O-P claim the display influenced their buying decision.

Our system helps retail stores build strategic partnerships with vendors to increase target marketing and establish a new source of revenue through advertising while reducing collateral printed material.

An example of the work we have done can be seen in our Macy’s Case study.