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MCI Proton Therapy

The Challenge

Improve daily communications with visitors while saving time, money and paper for all of their facilities.

The Solution

DSignage helped Baptist Health South Florida roll-out media players to showcase not only live TV but also combining local news and special services the Medical Plaza offered along with pricing. Content was divided into three different sections on the TV having a variety of information showing on the display at the same time

The Outcome

  • The Baptist Channel is shown in every facility the operate. Decoration Lobby Walls, Donor Walls, Digital Directories, Digital Menuboards and Interactive Wayfinding are just some of the other digital signage solutions DSignage has helped BHSF deploy.

Fun Facts!

7 Hospitals


45+ Outpatient Facilities & Physician Offices


6 Pioneering Centers of Excellence


16,000+ Employees


Over 2,200 Field-Leading Physicians!