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Healthcare facilities can be an anxious experience for just about anyone. combining several different departments and floors of the  hospital, plus the constant sea of worried people, the chances of patients and visitors getting lost are very high…


RObo Cop

Touch Kiosk & Social Robot


Verbal directions are given each year in an average 1 million square foot medical campus

Directory w/touch

Digital Concierge

DConcierge is a simple “look up” directory for room locations, upcoming events, nearby food and any other relative campus information


of visitors report confusion finding destinations

NCH Bed Tower Phase 1

3D Wayfinding

Upgrading DConcierge with custom 3D maps to guide people around a campus with simple step-by-step instructions that are quickly shared via mobile!

phone rendering

Going Mobile!

Combining mobile wayfinding with the current static directional signage creates a visually stimulating and simply informative way to solve these problems!


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