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Video Impact Like You’ve Never Seen Before

From enjoying a night at the theater or watching your favorite team play live on television at the sports bar, going out into public spaces used to be an event in itself.

But these days, there is more interest in staying at home and watching movies or sporting events in the comfort and safety of a home. It can even be more enjoyable than going out especially as technology has advanced so that all types of entertainment are available anytime anywhere through digital technology and streaming services that are available in ultra-high resolution.

Planar has been the go-to company for artistic pixel pitch LED displays since they first hit the market. With Planar’s latest innovations, it’s easier than ever to stay at home and enjoy your favorite movies, sporting event or digital art on a gorgeous display!

Experience Matters

Planar Lifestyle Displays has a long history of serving the high-end market. The displays are built in Oregon. They boast an experienced team that includes regional product experts across North America, which gives them unique access to provide unsurpassed installation services.

You are covered from your design needs through deployment and maintenance too.

⋅ Lifetime Warranty ⋅

Experience the luxury of ultra-high-end LED for a lifetime

The Signature Piece for Your Luxurious Home Interior

You’ve spared no expense in making your home’s interior beautiful and luxurious with the best money can buy. So why do you still watch your favorite movie or sporting events on that TV that fades away in brightness and glares up when you try to see the score?

You and your family deserve to indulge in a digital masterpiece that delivers impeccable resolution, insane color contrast and powerful brightness that doesn’t flinch in the light of day.

Experience the luxury of ultra-high-end LED for a lifetime. All displays come with an installation package and a lifetime warranty!

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