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Collaborate to identify communicational pain points to create a tailored digital solution for your business. Allowing you to adapt and eliminate unnecessary work ethics that slow progress.



We love collaborating with Executives and Designers to create immersive digital experiences for the physical space!

Rapid Rollouts

Direct negotiations with manufacturers guarantee you great pricing on hardware. Implementation and maintenance of your digital communication platform is included in our services to assure you peace of mind. Team training sessions are provided to guide and facilitate scheduled content uploads. Manage content is a breeze with our library of drag and drop media templates that are easy and ready to use!


Your Solutions Partner

Our team is composed of an amazing group of professionals with a shared passion for building smart technologies that enhance experiences and solve major communicational problems. Our strategic partnerships with leading technology companies around the globe are the building blocks that piece together our digital experience solutions.

Meet The Team!

J Pic

Jose R Diaz

Co-founder / CEO

KD Pic

Karina Diaz

Co-founder / CFO

Luc Pic

Luc Heijnen

Research & Development

Goldy Pic

Alan Goldberg

Executive Director

SD Pic

Stefano Diaz

Director of Business Development

JJ Pic

Jovany Jimenez

Director of Tech Support

HL Pic

Hanzel Lepe

Creative Manager


Sean Klindt

Tech Support Specialist

Communication is OUR THING!

Our experience originated in the 90’s as a digital print suppliers and media buyers for very large companies like Phillip Morris and Coca-Cola to rollout their outdoor advertising campaigns. Over the years we have shifted our focus to enhancing communications for large companies to their people instead of just drive-by traffic.