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Outdated Lobbies Ruin Your Image

The public lobby sets the standard for the quality of every facility. Properly staged, clients will feel more comfortable, operations will be more efficient and staff productivity will show. improvement. Therefore, it is critical that your environment achieves these critical objectives quickly. 

Elicits Positive Feelings

A great lobby can reduce visitor stress and holds their attention. Visitors can feel burden by different things throughout their day, a good lobby incorporates positive distractions. As a result, reduces their stress and discomfort. These positive distractions can also make a physical space more welcoming to your staff and visitors, improving the overall mood of the setting. It cannot be just any content either. A study conducted by Ulrich, Simons, & Miled shows the most effective content is nature oriented.

– A positive distraction“elicit[s] positive feelings and holds attention without taxing or stressing the individual, thereby blocking worrisome thoughts”as defined by Professor Roger Ulrich, who pioneered the evidence-based design.

Builds Rapport

Gregory effectively paints a picture on how these barriers can make a establishment feel cold and frustrating. Lobbies can provide an opportunity to show how accessible, professional, and efficient a business is by incorporating smart visitor check-in and room management systems. Adding these systems to you lobby helps ensure operations run as smooth as possible while making it more welcoming for your visitors. [2]

“Long queues in reception, repeated requests for ID and security escorts through entry barriers are jarring experiences, and it doesn’t have to be that way.”– explained by Gregory Blondeau, featured in an article from CEO Today.

Employee Engagement

Engaged employees are more present and productive, resulting in 21% greater profitability [4]. Lobbies can help motive employees by recognizing their achievements and setting goals.[3] In addition, your employees constantly travel through the lobby when clocking in for work, clocking out, and when going on breaks for lunch. This makes lobbies are an ideal spot to engage with staff.

“Only 33% of U.S. Employees are engaged at work “-according to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace Report. 

Take The Next Steps to Improve Your Lobby

  1. Outline your wants and needs for your lobby.
  2. Find examples of lobbies that have what you want.
  3. Schedule a private session with an expert to create a tailored solution for you.

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