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PatientAppSmarter patient journey

Integrated App Features

Book Appontment

Appointment Booking

Quickly schedule appointments with your physician from the symptom checker or for annual check-ups


Live Navigation

Seamless outdoor to indoor navigation. Navigate with Google Maps or Waze from home to hospital, then once in the hospital get live navigation to your appointment location.

Proximity Messaging

Smart Suggestions

Receive suggestions based on location, clinical diagnosis or treatments. Remind patient of follow-ups and incentives to schedule a check-up


Drug Interaction Checker

If a patient was prescribed a medication with a history of negative side effects when combined with a medication currently in use, they will be notified to speak with their physician prior to taking the medication.


Smart Reminder

Leveraging GoogleMaps Traffic data to remind and alert patients to leave earlier due to traffic or car accidents.

Water reminder-01

Health Reminders

Help patients stay healthy by promoting water consumption and exercise

Clinical Hsitory

Clinical History

Quick access to medical history directly on the phone

Clinical Result Sharing

Smart Surveys

Send a simple satisfactory survey to patient as soon as they leave the facility. Patient feedback is immediately shared with leadership to quickly address any unsatisfied patients.


Patient Meet-up

Easily coordinate patient meet-ups based on things they have in common.

For example, “reunite two veterans who served together”


Facility Locator

Quickly find other medical facilities that may be more convenient to visit rather than the main hospital



Easily find any department or doctor in a health system


Symptom Checker

On demand access to a medical questionnaire for users to register pain or discomfort and schedule an appointment with the best doctor based on survey input.


Smart Pill Reminder

Simply remind patients to take prescribed medications, logging their recovery every step of the way!


Smart Check-ins

With Location Intelligence, we can check a patient in upon entry to the facility and show a “all clear” message on their phones to notify security that they are here for an appointment.


Late Patient Notification

If a patient is arriving late to their appointment, the app will notify the registration desk of their arrival time so the receptionist can plan for late arrivals and possibly treat patients who are early


Clinical Result Sharing

Upload and share previous medical history or clinical diagnosis with patient physicians inside or outside the USA


Online Chat

Quick access for on-the-go telemedicine


Help Request

On demand access to request help from your healthcare provider


Digital Loyalty Card

Create a patient card program that they can buy good or receive discounts in your facility


Pharmacy Finder

Quickly find any open pharmacies in your area to coordinate and pick up a medication


AR Wayfinding

Aside from interactive 3D Wayfinding, using augmented reality to navigate via the phone’s camera, showing patients where to go

Voice Guidence

Voice Guidance

Announce directions and guidance just like GoogleMaps, Waze and all other GPS systems


Analysis & Reporting

Leadership will receive monthly analytic reports on App usage to tether upcoming upgrades and designs based on real evidence


Uber/Lyft Coordinator

Coordinate a ride to or from the hospital directly from the App with Uber of Lyft

(14 – 16) Week Deployment Time

App Benefits