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DSignage Wins Siemens Award

Published originally on southfloridahospitalnews.com

For its work with Siemens, DSignage received the company’s “Small Business Award Supplier of the Year.” Siemens is a global corporation that is one of the world’s largest producers of energy-efficient, resource-saving technologies; and DSignage is a digital signage agency that provides solutions to help clients improve their internal communications with employees and visitors, by using digital screens to engage and educate the audience.

Siemens had previously conducted research and attempted to utilize several larger suppliers, but that proved to be ineffective. Following those efforts, Siemens chose DSignage, a boutique firm, because it was the one that understood the requirements and that was most responsive to its needs.

Siemens already had an existing internal communications channel, but it wasn’t practical for a variety of reasons, including screens that were poorly placed, or screens that were off or weren’t updating any content. DSignage went above and beyond to assess the facilities, proposing realistic and creative solutions: it evaluated screen locations and sizes, while rebuilding a more sophisticated solution that perfectly molded into Siemens’ existing work culture.

DSignage interacted with Siemens’ internal costumers, accomplishing a 100 percent, on-time project implementation schedule, and an overall quality rating of greater than 95 percent.

This isn’t the first work DSignage has done for Siemens. It has been networking with the corporation since 2006 on all of its e-TV (now Digital Engagement Services, or DES) projects, and since last year has been working with the Siemens’ DES team in Europe to support it in the United States and Canada in implementing this global initiative. Additionally, Siemens Brazil and Siemens Mexico are interested in executing some of their solutions.

DSignage has helped simplify the lives of site communicators and IT, while maximizing Siemens’ global digital engagement initiative. For this reason, of more than 6,000 suppliers, DSignage was one of 11 companies selected to receive the Small Business Award Supplier of the Year.