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Catch Attention, Elevate Your Brand and Increase Sales!

Transparent OLED Video Wall 2X2

Digital Brings the Physical to Life!

Partnered with amazing retail interior designers and fabricators to design and create unique in-store digital experiences for some of the worlds most luxurious brands like Watches of Switzerland, Cartier, Mayors, Neiman Marcus and more.

Our collaborative efforts present brands the ultimate renovation package for their stores, elegantly bringing modern digital communications into the physical space, elevating the status of the brand, catching attention and increasing sales.

From Design to Reality

Custom Kiosk – Dual-sided 72″ Displays 

Experience the "New" Retail

People are visual!

Dynamic digital installations catch the attention of consumers to drive them into the store. Once inside, AI/Smart content can promote specific content based common characteristics like Age, Gender, Mood, Weather and current events. Relevant content makes a positive impact on the customer experience and in-store sales. 

Digital assets inside stores tie the knot between in-store shopping and online experiences. A true ONMI-CHANNEL

LED Wall 1.5mm