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How to Maximize Communication with Digital Signage

Digital signage allows businesses to communicate and interact with customers and employees. With the ease and convenience of being able to change the sign’s content regularly, digital signage allows businesses to maximize communication using eye-catching displays.

From the digital customer journey to keeping employees in the know about upcoming events, there are many ways to use digital signs as a communication tool.

Alert Customers of Promotions and Events

Digital signage makes it easy to communicate promotions and events to customers. A vibrant display and the right content can draw in more foot traffic and persuade visitors to make a purchase.

Businesses can use digital signage to alert customers of:

  • Discounts and sales 
  • Special events, like pop-ups or launch parties
  • Upcoming product promos

You can also use digital signage to communicate changes to your operating hours and policies.

Use Interactive Digital Signage for Navigation or to Inform

Interactive digital signage is ideal for navigation purposes or to inform visitors. 

It’s common to find interactive signs in shopping centers, schools, hospitals and office buildings to help individuals get to their intended destination quickly and easily.

Retail stores can use interactive signs to inform shoppers about products. Signs can display more detailed information about products or even show demos of the product in use. 

Schools can also use interactive digital signs to inform students and visitors of upcoming events, campus policies and more.

All of this information can be updated regularly or whenever necessary to ensure that accurate information is being communicated.

Use Signage to Educate 

Digital signage can be used to educate visitors and viewers. For example, in the waiting area of a hospital or doctor’s office, digital signs can inform visitors about how to stop the spread of germs or handwashing policies. Signs can also educate on safety policies or other vital information that visitors or staff should be aware of.

Communicate Announcements to Employees

Businesses can also use digital signs internally to communicate with employees. Digital signs can alert staff to:

  • Scheduled meetings
  • Upcoming events, seminars or workshops
  • Special announcements
  • Employee achievements
  • Changes in policies or schedules

Digital signage makes it easy for businesses to communicate important information and ensure that everyone gets the message. But they can also be used to help bring employees together. For example, if the company is hosting a lunch at a nearby restaurant to celebrate an achievement, the meeting information can be displayed on a digital sign for all employees to see.

Offer Training Videos to Staff

Digital signs can also be used during the onboarding process to offer training videos and other helpful information, like employee questions and answers, that will help new hires excel in their roles. 

In this way, digital signs can make training more interactive, informative and autonomous. 

Digital signage is a versatile tool that can be used to improve sales, the customer experience and internal communication. These are some of the best ways to maximize communication using digital signs across an array of industries for both staff and consumers or visitors.