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Info Stations

Information Made Simple

Information stations allow anyone in your facility to navigate, find important information and even see whats cooking in the kitchen!

30% of visitors report confusion finding destinations

Multi-building facilities can be an anxious experience for just about anyone. Combining several different departments and floors, people easily get annoyed and regret the visit.

Touch Kiosk & Social Robot

Using stand-alone technologies like Kiosks and Robots, visitors will engage with your brand like never before… making it fun and informative when they need it most!

Digital Concierge

DConcierge is an easy way to find a destination, see upcoming events, find nearby restaurants and loads of relative facility information!

3D Wayfinding

3D maps make it easy for users to understand where they are and where they need to go.

Going Mobile!

Guide people by the hand, send reminders and alerts in real-time!