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Patient Room Displays

The “Amazon Kindle” for Healthcare

Leveraging the display technology of the Amazon Kindle, we provide a unique solution to replace messy patient room whiteboards and cluttered sticky notes on room entrances!

The Danger of PRINT!

Lighten nurse workloads so they can focus on care not upkeep!

About 250,000 DEATHS happen every year in the US due to false medical information

No Cables Needed

Can you change batteries on a TV remote?

Six AAA Batteries and WIFI connection make these displays a very powerful communication tool.

Stop Wasting Time with Old Information

The average nurse spends 1hr/month double checking patient information posted on door fronts*

Information synchronizes every 15 seconds.

Click “SYNC” button to trigger immediate updates

Custom Layouts and Sizes

An array of content designs and hardware options make it easy to match branding guidelines and the state-of-the-art look!

Care, diagnosis and workflows dictate how information is shown, making it easy, simple and stress-free for everyone.

It's Time for Change!