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Why You Need to Connect Your Digital Signage to Mobile Devices

Interactive digital signage is a powerful tool for marketing and helping promote the digital customer journey. However, businesses may want to take their signage a bit further by connecting their digital signage to mobile devices.

5 Benefits of Connecting Mobile Device Interactivity and Digital Signage

1. Track Your Audience with Analytics

Appealing to your audience is possible when they connect their mobile devices to your digital signage solutions. The goal is not to “spy” on your audience. Instead, you want to collect data to better serve your audience.

Mobile devices allow the consumer to approve the data they want to share and help you:

  • Personalize targeting
  • Show consumer-preferred solutions

Consumers are looking for solutions to their problems, and analytics will allow you to provide the best solution available to solve these pain points.

2. Increase Interactivity

Engagement demands interactivity if you want your digital signage to work over the long term. Opening interactivity by connecting mobile devices to signage is possible in many ways:

  • Require a user to type in a URL
  • QR Codes

QR codes are a quick and easy way to begin interacting with digital signage. Once the code is pictured, you can interact with the user in new, exciting ways. For example, you can provide additional information about a specific product or service, or you might even ask the user to play a game.

Interactivity will help transition into the digital customer journey, too.

3. Begin Storytelling

Storytelling is a crucial aspect of marketing, and digital signage can help tell a story all on its own. However, if you connect the signage to mobile devices, the story quickly becomes more relatable and active.

You can tell stories through mobile:

  • Videos
  • Games
  • Journeys

Additionally, connecting to the mobile device may allow you to customize the journey further. For example, you can display certain information when the customer is at a specific location, or if the person chooses, the journey can include refined information based on the person’s past purchasing habits.

4. Improve Sales

Driving higher sales to your business is possible with the help of mobile and digital signage connectivity. You can opt to use advanced targeting and analytics to upsell customers when making a purchase to improve customer satisfaction and also boost your average sale price.

Analytical data is priceless when trying to improve sales because it will allow you to engage in more advanced, targeted marketing strategies based on consumer behavior.

5. Jumpstart Social Media Campaigns

The world’s biggest brands use interactive digital signage with mobile devices to make social media easier. You can create digital signage solutions where customers send a tweet or post about your marketing campaign, and it displays on the digital signage.

Coca-Cola did exactly this in 2015 to help improve brand awareness and sales with the help of customers.

Your interactive digital signage can create a digital customer journey that boosts your brand in a way that consumers communicate. Consumers are on their smartphones a lot, and if you can break into this channel, it will help your business grow.